Frequently Asked Questions

What will I learn in this curriculum?

You'll learn to build websites and web applications using the latest and most relevant technologies on the job market, such as JavaScript and React JS, giving you the skills necessary to be hired as a frontend software developer and software engineer.

How long does the curriculum take to finish?

This is a self-paced curriculum, allowing each student to work at their own pace. We estimate it should take students about three-five months to finish the curriculum, at which point they can start applying to jobs. Students have up to 10 months to finish the program once they sign up.

How long will I have access to the curriculum and use my sessions?

You will have access to the program for 10 months, starting from the day you sign up. The 10 months is how much time you have to finish the program and use your mentor sessions, mock interviews, and other package items. After those 10 months are up, you will no longer be able to use those resources or access the program.

What is the structure of the program?

The ROOTs Technology Coding & Career Prep Program is a self-paced program, filled with interactive coding tutorials that you do on your own, required readings, numerous practice problems and multiple projects that force you to apply what you've learned in those projects.

Anytime you need help, you can email me your questions and I'll help you through email, or you can schedule a session with me that we do over video, where we work on the problem together, making sure you fully understand it and know how to solve it on your own moving forward.

When you're done with the coding portion of the program, that's when we switch to the Career Prep portion.

What type of jobs will I be able to apply to when I finish this curriculum?

Upon completion of the React JS curriculum, you can start applying to job titles such as frontend developer, web developer, software developer, and software engineering roles that focus on the frontend.

Will you help me in my job search?

Yes, on top of making sure you have ample projects for your coding portfolio, I will also be providing help in your job search by giving you resources to update your resume, helping you create a cover letter template, and giving you my strategies and tips around sending effective job applications and improving the chance of your applications being seen by a hiring manager. I will also occasionally send a few job postings your way and try to connect you with recruiters.

How long does it take to usually land a job as a junior engineer?

From my personal experience, and from observing other self-taught engineers, it takes an average of 3-6 months to land your first engineering job. But, after you land your first engineering job, recruiters chase you instead of the other way around.

Do you offer mock interviews?

Yes, depending on the package you purchase, you will receive one, two, or three mock interviews where I will be helping you practice for real interviews. I've interviewed a number of software engineering candidates, so I'll be helping you prepare before the mock interview, as well as providing feedback after the mock interview.

What happens if I get stuck and need help?

Depending on the package you purchase, you're allotted a certain number of sessions to schedule tutoring with me over video, where we work on the problem you're stuck on together. This will also be a time for me to review your code and provide you feedback on how to improve and recommend strategies to help you write better code.

Is there another way to get help outside of scheduling sessions?

Yes. You can, and should, email me your questions before scheduling a tutoring session. One-off questions can quickly be addressed over email. If a question is too complicated to explain over email, then I'll ask you to schedule a session so we can walk through it together.

Is this an accredited program?

No, only colleges and universities are accredited. Coding programs and boot camps don't receive accreditation but don't let that deter you from pursuing these alternative routes because most software engineers do not have a computer science degree, but are self-taught. When companies are hiring software engineers, your project portfolio of coding projects is what's considered, along with how you do on the coding questions and challenges they give you in the technical interview process. So, even if you have a computer science degree, you still do the same interview process as someone without it.

Can I buy a cheaper package and upgrade later?

Yes, you can buy a cheaper package and upgrade later by paying the difference. Contact when you're ready to make that upgrade.

Do I need to buy the mentorship separately if I buy the coding package (Basic, Plus, or Premium)?

No. If you sign up to learn to code with me as your mentor and tutor by getting the Basic, Plus, or Premium package, mentorship is built in.

Is this program in-person or remote?

This is a fully remote program, with mentoring and tutoring sessions done over Zoom.

How long has ROOTs Technology been in business?

ROOTs Technology has been in existence for over 4 years. We created the Coding and Career Prep Program and began accepting virtual students in 2020. Every month we accept students who are ready to learn how to code with a mentor. Our goals is to make coding accessible to people all over the world no matter their background or experience level.

What is a career discovery session?

A career discovery session is the first step in the Career Prep part of the program. After you've completed the coding section, we assess your likes and dislikes as it relates to programming, and provide recommendations on roles you should consider applying for, types of companies you should look for, and how to assess the companies you're interviewing with to make sure they're a good fit for you.

Is your class designated to help one get a software engineering position?

Yes, the goal of the ROOTs Technology Coding & Career Prep Program is to teach you to build websites and web applications using JavaScript and React JS and help you prepare for a career change into a web development role.

How do you help your students get a job as a software engineer?

We help our students get jobs as software engineers by helping them prepare for the job search. We do this by working with them to update their resume, helping them create a cover letter template, giving them real-world coding challenges and projects to work on, and conducting mock interviews (package-based) to help them practice for the technical interview process.

What is your refund policy?

If the individual cancels within 21 days of their purchase, they will receive a partial refund totaling 65% (percent) of the listed price of the package paid within 7 business days of submitting their cancellation request as specified herein. The individual must inform us of their decision to cancel by reaching out to within 21 days of the purchase date.

After 21 days of purchase, no refunds will be given.

Do you offer a payment plan?

Yes, we offer three-month payment plans on the Basic, Plus, and Premium packages.

How long are tutoring sessions?

A tutoring session is 30 minutes long.

Is there a fee for the monthly payment plan?

Yes, the monthly payment plan includes a 5% fee.