• Save you time - Stop searching for what you should learn. Our curriculum teaches the must-have skills to start your career.
  • Save you money - Average savings of $13,000 compared to traditional coding bootcamps.
  • Personal mentor - Someone that can answer all of your questions about coding and support your job search with mock interviews, resume and cover letter preparation.

If you're looking to learn to code and prepare for a career switch into software development,

ROOTs Technology is here to help you.

ROOTs Technology helps beginners learn web development by teaching them to build websites and web applications using JavaScript and React JS. Our coding curriculum and 1-on-1 mentor sessions offer an affordable alternative to expensive coding bootcamps. We also provide job search assistance for our students.

  • Learn to code with our guidance and curated curriculum
  • Build real-world applications for your portfolio projects
  • Get resume and cover letter assistance, along with mock interviews

Watch this quick video for a walkthrough of the Coding and Career Preparation Program.

In this video, Tj shares more about the program experience and shows footage of the online learning portal.

Meet TJ.

The founder of Roots Technology.

I remember the exact day I decided to become a software engineer. I was tired of not making enough money to live the lifestyle I wanted and knew the tech field was a growing industry.

Fast forward a few months and my income went from $37,000/yr as a business analyst to $75,000/yr as a self-taught software engineer. Two years later and I'm making well over $125,000/yr because of the process I’m teaching now in my ROOTs Technology Coding and Career Prep Program.

Over the years I’ve helped multiple startups build their engineering teams by creating the interview questions, the coding projects to assess candidates, and conducting the interviews themselves.

I can’t wait to become your teacher and get you started with the ROOTS Technology Coding and Career Prep Program! Don't forget to grab a copy of my coding curriculum on our FREE RESOURCES page. It shows what we teach, why we teach it, and how it's done.

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