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About Us

ROOTs Technology is a tutoring, and mentoring service, for those interested in learning the basics of web development. Being self-taught engineers ourselves, we've curated a curriculum of online, interactive, resources to help beginners start teaching themselves, while making ourselves available to mentor and guide them along the way. We offer various forms of support to our learners such as email support and video tutoring sessions, where we help the learner address any code-related questions they're dealing with, and provide insight into what it's like working as a software engineer. Our curriculum and tutoring service is a cheaper alternative to the expensive coding bootcamp options that saddle students with loans, and no engineering job.

Although no-one can guarantee a learner a job after learning to code, we do our best to help the learner build a solid software development foundation, and have plenty of projects for their portfolio, at a reasonable price. When learning to code, having a mentor there to ask questions along the way makes a big difference in crossing the finish line, and that's what we provide.

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What we offer

Online curriculum

1-on-1 tutoring sessions


Sample projects

Email support

Video tutorials


What we've worked on before

Techstars Cybersecurity startup

Our lead mentor has experience woring at cybersecurity startup that got admitted into Techstars. As the only software engineer at the company, he went through Techstars with the founder, and got to build some cool tools: an Electron desktop app, a threat-assessment script, and the first virtual cybersecurity professional, Violet. Learn more

Shark Tank consumer product startup

Our lead mentor then moved on to a consumer-based healthcare startup. The company was on Shark Tank, and he was part of the engineering team that made sure the site could handle the traffic from Shark Tank. Learn more

Leading higher-ed publication

Our lead mentor currently leads the Ruby on Rails development at the leading higher education publication, building APIs using Ruby on Rails, Ruby AWS Lambda, and Talend ESB. Learn more


Choose the package that works for you


Access to curated online curriculum

Career discovery call

2 tutoring session hours

Resume and cover letter assistance


Access to curated online curriculum

Career discovery call

7 tutoring session hours

1 Mock interview

Resume and cover letter assistance


Access to curated online curriculum

Career discovery call

15 tutoring session hours

2 Mock interviews

Resume and cover letter assistance