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Web development training and consulting

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Learn to code and start building web applications

For business clients, we can develop your websites and web applications for you.

ROOTs Technology is a tutoring and mentoring service that helps beginners learn web development basics by teaching them to build websites and web applications using React JS and Python/Django. We're also a software consultancy, helping clients build their websites and web applications.

Our coding curriculum, and tutoring service, offers an affordable alternative to expensive coding bootcamps.

  • Learn to code with our guidance and curated curriculum
  • Get help in your job search with mock interviews and resume/cover letter help
  • Have us design your next website, logo, or web application

Whether you're looking to learn to code or build a website for your business, ROOTs Technology is here to help you.


Curated Coding Curriculum

Want to learn to code? Let us teach you web development using our curated, online coding curriculum.

Job Application Prep

Making a career switch to software engineering? Let us help you prepare for technical interviews and prepare your job application materials.

Tutoring Sessions

The hardest part of learning to code is not having someone there to help you get "unstuck". With ROOTs Technology, we have tutoring sessions to help you get unstuck and better understand topics you need help with.

Website Re-design

Need a website for your business or personal project? Let us help you design a sleek, mobile-friendly website.

Application Development

If you have an app idea you need development help with, contact us now to have us bring your idea to life.

Logo Design

Looking to rebrand and set yourself apart? Contact us to design your logo.


Payment plans are available for unique situations. Contact us to learn more.



  • Access to curated online curriculum
  • 3 tutoring session hours
  • Mock interviews
  • Career discovery session
  • Resume and cover letter assistance



  • Access to curated online curriculum
  • 7 tutoring session hours
  • 1 Mock interview
  • Career discovery session
  • Resume and cover letter assistance

Web Development


  • Website build
  • Website redesign
  • Logo design
  • Application development
  • Quick development
  • 45 day support

Frequently Asked Questions

What will I learn in this curriculum?

You'll learn to build websites and web applications using the latest and most relevant technologies on the job market, such as JavaScript and React JS, along with Python and Django, giving you the skills necessary to be hired as a software developer/engineer.

How long does the curriculum take to finish?

This is a self-paced curriculum, allowing each student to work at their own pace. We estimate it should take students about three months to finish the frontend React JS portion of the curriculum, at which point they can start applying to jobs. And after that, an additional two months to finish the backend Python portion of the curriculum. So, about five months total to finish the full curriculum.

What type of jobs will I be able to apply to when I finish this curriculum?

Upon completion of the React JS portion of the curriculum, you can start applying to job titles such as: frontend developer, web developer, software developer, and software engineering roles that focus on the frontend. After completing the Python portion, you can start applying to jobs titled: fullstack software developer, software engineer, and Python developer roles. Having Python under your tool belt gives you another option to start pursing data analyst roles as well.

Will you help me in my job search?

Yes, on top of making sure you have ample projects for your coding portfolio, I will also be providing help in your job search by giving you resources to update your resume, helping you create a cover letter template, and giving you my strategies and tips around sending effective job applications and improving the chance of your applications being seen by a hiring manager. I will also occassionally send a few job postings your way, and try to connect you with recruiters.

What happens if I get stuck and need help?

Depending on the package you purchase, you're alloted a certain number of session hours to schedule tutoring sessions with me over video, where we work on the problem you're stuck on together. This will also be a time for me to review your code and provide you feedback on how to improve, and recommend strategies to help you write better code.

Do you offer mock interviews?

Yes, depending on the package you purchase, you will receive one or two mock interviews where I will be helping you practice for real interviews. I've interviewed a number of software engineering candidates, so I'll be helping you prepare before the mock interview, as well as providing feedback after the mock interview.